April 13, 2016
               "Technical Bulletin"

2016 is upon us and with it comes continued growth and change.  As part of our own development, we're excited to launch our first company technical bulletin.   It's specifically designed to create a constant flow of communication within our commercial department.  

Thermal Growing Panes
Trickle Vent

For several years, customers have requested options for a trickle vent in our window system.  Trickle vents have been used in Europe for many years.  They are designed to allow natural ventilation in a building, reduce condensation, and improve overall comfort through draft avoidance.  The drawbacks are the potential for increased energy consumption where natural ventilation is provided by operable windows requiring supplemental air conditioning and creating poor control over ventilation rates during hot summer or cold winter conditions. 

We have been in discussion with Amesbury / Truth and found what 
seems to be a great option that can simply integrate into our receptor clip with little modification.  Best of all it would be field applied after the 
window installation.  We will be testing this assembly in the near future.

As we continually evaluate the demands of the ever-changing fenestration market, we have designed these new extrusions to accommodate our customers' needs. 



                Thermal Explosion
Victory Park's Tallest Residential Tower 

Katy Station is under construction on Houston Street in Dallas, TX.  With 30 stories, it will be the tallest residential tower in the Victory Park area.  TWI was awarded the project in late 2015.
During design, the owner/architect team presented some hurdles which gave our team the opportunity to pull together and design an isobar hopper window to meet their requirements.  Once completed, it will be one of the largest projects TWI has been involved with
to date at $3 million dollars and 1,325 openings comprised of 4,287 windows and doors.  You can click on the link for a full size rendering of the completed building. 

Thermal Substance

          AAMA TESTING
2015 Information for Completed Window Testing
  • 525 tested to CW-30 under A440-11.  Test size = 71"x60". Water=6.0psf                                    "Old 525 is NO longer rated.  To meet deflection @30psf this required thm1136"
  • 725 tested to CW-30 under A440-11.  Test size = 71"x60". Water=6.75psf. 
  • 700 tested to CW-30 under A440-11.  Test size = 56"x91". Water=6psf. 
  • 705 tested to CW-30 under A440-11.  Test size was 56"x91". Water=9psf                                   * Just the 700 with the 9lb sill. If you need CW60 use the 715, which is downsized to 48"x72" 
  • 875 tested to AW-75 under A440-08.  Test size = 60"x72". Water=12psf. 
  • 9950B tested to CW-80 under A440-11. Test size was 95"x83". This is the CW-50 door with 2"x3" angle. 
  • 9950Baw5 tested to AW-50 under A440-08.  Test size = 123"x95". This door uses 2"x3" angle. 
  • 9950Baw8 AW-80 report under A440-08. This is the 9950 Baw5 downsized to the CW80 making it an AW80. MST=95"x83" 
  • 9950C This was an AW-60 last time. This thing blew up twice. No AW-60 w/2"x4" angle for now. 

Window of Opportunity

2016 Scheduled Testing 

The windows below have expired and will need to be tested. The test date is yet to be determined.

  • 910 CW-60 expired April 15, 2015
  • 1422 HC-40 expired  April 15, 2015
  • 4100 AW expired April 15, 2015
  • 1420 HC-40  expired April 15, 2015(Under 05 spec will most likely not meet the 08 spec)

  • The following windows expire soon and will be tested accordingly. 

    • 500 C-45 expired April 2016
    • 515D CW-60 expires June 2016
    • 505 C-60 expired April 2016
    • 820 AW-70 expires June 2016
    • 1421F HC-40 expires May 2016
    • 4102 AW-80 expires June 2016
    • 515 CW-50 expired April 2016
    • 925 CW-70 expires June 2016
    • 515C AW-50 expires June 2016

                                       STC TESTING

    We tested several products to ASTM E90-09 to meet a continued demand for sound control. 
    Through our testing, we determined the spacer choice has little to no effect on the final sound resistance.  This will open options for glazing since super spacer is not required for high STC/OITC. 

    2/8/2016ESP021716P-8825Us41361/4"5/16" L1 9/16" S
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-9825Us43385/16" L1/4"1 9/16" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-10825U36303/16"1/8"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-11825U36311/4"3/16"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-12825U36303/16"1/8"1" S
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-285032283/16" 1/8"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-385033291/4"3/16"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-4850U32283/16" 1/8"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-5850U33301/4"3/16"1" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-685032273/16" 1/8"1" S
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-7850Us40341/4"5/16" L1 9/16" A
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-13140239325/16"1/4"1 9/16" S
    2/8/2016ESP021716P-14140239335/16"1/4"1 9/16" A

                              Click Here For Complete Updated STC Summary

    Seth Patterson

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