Triple Silver TS28 glass

Amazing Solar Heat reduction and U/V blocking without tints or films

How well does TS28 work?

Watch the 30-second video below for a demonstration

If you have old, inefficient windows, you know how hard it can be to keep your house cool when the temperature soars. That's why Thermal Windows, Incorporated offers a high-performance glass option called TS28.

TS stands for Triple Silver. Coated with three super-thin layers that utilize the reflective properties of silver, TS28 blocks heat without darkening the glass like tints or films.

TS28 reflects heat away from your home during the hot summer. When it's cold outside, TS28 insulates your home by reflecting heat back to the inside!

Have you heard that Low-e glass is all the same? Not true! The chart below shows that Triple Silver blocks more U/V and infrared heat than the other types of glass, while allowing a high amount of visible light through.

The bottom line is: TS28 glass from Thermal Windows can make your home energy-efficient all year long.
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